Oyundaki lagları giderir ve performansı iyileştirir.

Author: Doctor

This patch reduce FIFA 12 lags and general performance.
EDIT: For more info check my old thread for FIFA11 here:

1) Run setup file and install on EA SportsFIFA 12 (FIFA 12 MAIN FOLDER)
Fifa12 i68Regenerator starts automatically when the installation is complete, now select “take care of edited file stored directly in folder”, click go and wait for finish!


I added one exe file with the administrator manifest that start on automatic Fifa12 i68Regenerator with admin right (Win Vista/7).
If you have problems, Open Fifa12 i68Regenerator program with admin right (Windows7/Vista).

Uninstall form Control Panel and regenerate game files.

This special patch made by Doctor + Productions.

DOWNLOAD TURBOBİT :  http://turbobit.net/cqb54rljsjzr/FIFA 12 REAL PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZER V. 1.0 meraklikanarya.wordpress.com.rar.html